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The Sebek Vocal Studio

Christian is Co-Owner and Co-Founder of AB Studios Shanghai. He was the Artistic Director of and teaches Voice at Concordia Conservatory in Bronxville, NY. For one season, he served as an Artistic Administrator at the Chautauqua Opera, where his primary responsibility was to manage the Young Artists Program. Christian also worked with Myers International Management, managing both operatic and Broadway performers.

Christian Šebek was the General Director of Sterns Music U.S.,which The New York Times identified as “one of the world’s finest disseminators of African music.” During his tenure at Sterns, he helped to establish dozens of foreign record labels in the U.S., organize tours, and introduce American audiences to hundreds of international recording and concert artists, including Youssou N’Dour, Fela Kuti, Papa Wemba, Africando and Mayra Andrade.

Music Biz

The pursuit of a career in the performing arts can be daunting. Using his personal experience,

it is Christian's goal to motivate and inspire students in the belief that they too can find their

voices and fulfill their dreams no matter what obstacles are put in their paths.

 Recent Master Classes:

Inquire below how to have Christian come teach at your Institution.  

AB Studios Master Classes Summer 2019

In a very successful launch of our company AB Studios Shanghai I gave a 10 days series in Broadway auditions and repertoire.  In addition I gave private lessons to high school and college students attending our workshops.

Savannah Voice Experience – Masterclass Crossover Careers 2017- 2019 - Mission Audition

In workshops entitled “Singers Sing,” Christian shared how he navigated a career in music industry.  Working with groups he encouraged and empowered the students to broaden their musical rep to include Broadway, Jazz, American standards and “Cast a wider net.”  Instant success happened when one of the students immediately submitted his materials for a Broadway audition and landed his first Broadway role within only a few weeks.   "It can happen!"

IVAI – Vocal Transitions and the Male Voice

For the past two summers Christian has worked with a select group of young males voices at IVAI.  Having begun his career as a Baritone, he offers a unique perspective on the Male Voice.  In a Master Class format and in individual coachings,  he discussed musical interpretation, vocal technique and repertoire.  

​Zheijang Conservatory of Music - Breath Techniques for Singers

While in China, Mr. Sebek was asked to work with young, conservatory students.  In the Master Class "Breathing Techniques" were the highlighted.  Working with sopranos and tenors he demonstrated several unique methods of grounding the "Breath Support" in order to free vocal tension and sing a more legato line.  The class was attended by many of the professors at the conservatory eager to broaden their teaching skills while exchanging their philosophies.


Broadway Classroom – Behind the Curtain at Phantom of the Opera

While performing the role of Ubaldo Piangi on Broadway in Phantom of the Opera Christian was asked regularly to speak to visiting groups of high school students  about being "On Broadway."  In a variety of classes he offered suggestions on preparing pieces from Phantom and encouraged the next generation of Broadway hopefuls to follow their passion. 

University of Tampa – Bel Canto Period/Opera to Broadway Crossover

Mr. Sebek was invited by the Music History department to present a class on Bel Canto.  In the lecture he demonstrated how Bel Canto composers such as Bellini and Donizetti influenced later composers such as Giuseppe Verdi.  By singing excerpts of many arias from Puritani, Elixir of Love to Verdi's Celeste Aida he provided a perspective through the music itself. In addition to his presentation he worked with small groups of students in a Master Class formats highlighting both Broadway and operatic repertoire

Conservatorio de Music de Puerto Rico– Opera to Broadway Crossover

While visiting Puerto Rico to watch his student debut as the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera in San Juan,  Christian was asked to work with singers at the Conservatory.  He and his wife Beth Roberts worked in a Master Class format with several students in stage deportment, vocal technique, and career planning. 

SCF- Bradenton, Fl – Careers in Music – Pursuing Your Dream

Guest Lectures with colleges provides students with insight in to "Managing a Career in the Arts."  Having worked in many areas of the Music Industry Christian discusses with music student how to look beyond college and see how their studies will impact their future.  

Princeton Middle School, Nutley High School, Riverview High School - Careers in the Performing Arts

Christian regularly does "Talk Backs" to middle schools and high schools alike.  He discusses choosing a career in the performing arts  -- "Ups and Downs" and offers counseling in preparing materials for college applications. 

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